Princeton Posture and Massage is focused on
providing safe professional massage therapy
and teaching exercise program to strengthen posture 

  Massage Therapy and Posture Rehab  

Professionals we recommend

Steven Hoffman

Steven has been trained in three separate styles of acupuncture by some of the best teachers in the country. That, along with his Chinese Herbal Medicine training, gives Steven great flexibility when dealing with even the most stubborn health care issue.

Dr. Ari Cohn

Dr. Ari Cohn opened The Princeton Chiropractic Wellness Center in 2001 with the intent of helping families grow healthier and healthier every year of their lives. We are a research based practice and stay at the forefront of health information.

Dr. Ana Bracilovic Physiatrist 

Ana Bracilovic, MD, is board-certified and specializes in the non-operative care of spine, joint, and muscle pain, with a special emphasis on 
biomechanics and performing arts medicine;diagnostic and therapeutic services for spine and musculoskeletal disorders.

Products we recommend 

D-Core Cervical Support Pillow

Compression pants built-in resistance

Books we recommend