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Massage Therapy: Effects,Side Effects and Benefits

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 12:35 AM

Massage therapy is a natural and instinctive method by which minor aches and pains can be soothed away while bringing relief from muscle tension and fatigue. Although massage is not a magic cure-all, it is safe and beneficial for everyone from infants to the elderly, except when there are certain contraindications.


The effects of massage differ from one client to another depending on the needs of the individual and the goals and intentions with which massage is delivered. This is why same type of massage treatment on two different people may bring different results.In addition to physical effects from massage therapy,the client may experience mental and emotional reactions.


Conditions generally relieved by massage:

1.Stress and tension are relieved. With the relief of tension and stress, the clients feels better able to cope with day-to-day situations.

2.Mental and physical fatigue is relieved, leading to renewed energy and ambition.

3.Pain in the shoulders,neck,and back ( when caused by strained muscles or irritated nerves) is relieved.

4.Muscles and joints become more supple.Soreness and stiffness and relieved.

5.Muscle sourness from overexertion can be reduced and prevented.

6.Circulation is improved, thus improving delivery of nutrients to and removal of wastes from the tissue.

7.Digestion,assimilation,and elimination are often improved.

8.Facial massage helps tone the skin,helps prevent blemish skin, and softens fine lines.

9.Headaches and eyestrain are often relieved.

10.Deep relaxation is induced and insomnia is often relieved.

11.Muscular spasms are relived.

12.Obesity ( overweight ) and flabby muscles can be improved when combined with proper exercise,nutrition programs, and massage.

13.Pain in joints ,sprains,and poor circulation is are relieved.

14.Increased circulation of nourishing blood to the skin and other parts of the body encourages healing.

15.Mental strain is reduced,resulting in better productivity.

16.Mildly high blood pressure is temporarily reduced.

17.Renewed sense of confidence and control is experienced.

18.Constrictions and adhesions can be reduced or prevented as traumatized muscle tissue heals.

19.Joint mobility can be increased.


Many of our clients who are getting regular massage therapy over the years believe that frequent massage helps them to remain physically, mentally and emotionally fit.They enjoy the relaxed,refreshed, and invigorated feeling they get from a therapeutic massage.


Massage Therapy and its Side Effects:


Pain: After a massage therapy session, the person is likely to have some muscle soreness due to constant rubbing and manipulation. Massage therapy helps relieve muscle tightness and there will be a feeling of muscle soreness in the form of mild pain.

Swelling: Very rare, but possibility depends on the type of massage given and any pre-existing condition of the patient.

Temporary Discomfort: Patient undergoing massage therapy session may have some temporary discomfort in the form of mild pain during the session due to constant rubbing and manipulation which the body is not used to.

Bruising: There can be some slight bruising depending on the type of massage but it will be temporary and will subside soon.

Allergy or sensitivity to massage oils: Massage therapist is likely to use a wide variety of oils during massage and if the patient is allergic to any of those oils or its key ingredient then some allergic reaction like skin rashes etc. It is important to inform the therapist in advance of such allergies so that therapist avoids using those oils.

Feeling of Exhaustion: Massage therapy session can last anywhere from 30 mins to 90 mins, so with constant pulling of the finger joints, rubbing of the body muscles, patient is likely to feel a bit exhausted.

Urge to Urinate: Massage therapy session helps to eliminate body toxins. There can be an increased need to urinate which should not be concerning

Bowel Movements: Abdominal massage can stimulate bowel movements and flatulence.

Women who are pregnant should consult with their health care provider before starting any massage therapy.

Massage therapy is safe for cancer patients; however, patients should always consult their oncologist before starting a massage therapy, especially involving intense or deep pressure. This helps in ensuring safe and coordinated care.

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